About our Grills

Cooking with Your Parrilla Grill:

Parilla Style GrillingLa parrilla, "the grill", is not your standard backyard grill.  Your fire is built on the side of your grilling surface using natural wood or charcoal.  As the embers begin to form and drop through our brasero (wood/charcoal burning box), they are introduced under your grilling surface.  Your meat is now ready to be placed on the stainless steel 'V' groove grill plates and begin the intoxicating grilling process.  How you cook it, low and slow, or a quick burning sear, is all up to you.  You're in complete control with the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface with a simple rotation of the grill crank wheel.  Simple yet elegant, functional and fun, Gaucho Grills will stoke your passion for outdoor cooking like no other grill.

Elegant and Simple to Use:

Gaucho Grills keeps it simple and keeping it simple allows you to grill with gusto!  With a Gaucho Grill you simply start your fire in the brasero, concentrate your glowing embers under the grilling surface, and grill your food with complete temperature control using our crank wheel.  When done, a quick break down of the grilling surface allows for easy cleaning right in your dishwasher or sink.  Simple yet ingeniously effective.  Please visit our standard features page for a breakdown of all the parrilla grill components and how they work together to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

Natural Wood and Charcoal Burning:

Wood GrillOur grills are designed to burn hardwoods and lump charcoal, limiting chemicals and additives imparted by gases, to give you the truest, cleanest cooking burn possible. Grilled meats, poultry, fish and veggies take on a distinct flavor of their own when prepared over natural burning wood and charcoal.  Go mesquite for that western flavor.  Try Hickory for that classic smoke flavor everyone loves.  Hardwoods from fruit trees, like apple or cherry, all offer distinct flavors and aromas of their own.  And of course, slow burning charcoals can draw out the heat you need for a slow cook that gets your meat finished to perfection. 

Robust Construction:Argentine BBQ

Most grills on the market today mark their life span in terms of seasons.  We've designed our Gaucho Grills to provide you a lifetime of grilling pleasure.  Our frames are made from heavy duty steel, painted in a durable, high-temp powder coat finish.  The grilling components are manufactured from food grade stainless steel.  Lockable, industrial strength casters are provided for ease of movement.  Wear items are kept to a minimum due to a simple and proven design.  But hey, we're not perfect, so if something does fail or break, we're just a phone call or mouse click away from getting you the part you need.  Why can we respond so quickly?  Because each parrilla grill is manufactured in our machining and assembly plant, right here in the USA.  Our grills are the perfect blend of Argentine passion coupled with American craftsmanship and durability.