Fireplace & Countertop Grill Insert Features

Gaucho Grill Insert Installation Features

The Gaucho Grills Insert comes ready for installation into most fireplace and countertop openings.  Each insert has a flange on the perimeter of the grill frame.  This flange allows for three convenient mounting options.

Mount using the frame: The grill flange can be mounted directly onto your side and rear wall.  (A nice option for a countertop opening)  In a fireplace, you can continue to build over top of the flange, building your insert into the walls of your fireplace.



Mount onto brackets or brick: Gaucho Grills can supply angle brackets to be mounted onto your side and rear walls.  The flange of the grill would simply rest on these brackets.  A contractor can also provide brick or stone edging built into your wall that can serve the same purpose.


Add leg mounts: Gaucho Grills provides the option of attaching leg mounts to your grill flange.  These legs create a free standing insert set at the optimum height. This mounting configuration provides for a simpler installation and allows for an easier removal of your insert if needed.



Gaucho Crank Wheel

The crank wheel is your temperature control.  A simple turn of the wheel raises and lowers your grilling surface over top your embers.  The ratchet release lever locks your wheel in place when not in use. To engage the wheel, simply raise the lever and crank up or down as needed. The crank wheel is fabricated from aluminum and has a matte blasted finish with the Gaucho logo engraved around the center.


A premium crank wheel is available with a black matte hard coat finish. The premium wheel can be customized with a ten character personal caption engraved into the wheel with a bright metallic finish, creating a truly personal and unique look and feel for your grill. 



Fireplace thru-wall extension:  When installing a grilling insert into an enclosed fireplace, it's important to have the temperature control crank wheel mounted on the outside of your hearth enclosure.  Gaucho grills fireplace inserts can be delivered with the necessary tooling and hardware in place to mount your crank wheel on either side of your outside wall.  Just let us know the thickness of your side wall and we'll provide the extension shafting and everything you need to complete your installation.



Gaucho 'V' Groove Grill Plates

Gaucho Grill Plates are constructed from stainless steel and designed to channel your grilling juices into the supplied drip trays.  This reduces flair ups and annoying hot spots created by dripping grease.  For cleaning convenience, the 'V' groove grill plates easily breakdown and fit into standard dishwashers. Grill plates are also reversible allowing them to be placed into the grill carriage in reverse to create a flat grilling surface as opposed to the traditional pitched configuration.


Gaucho Grills Brasero (On select Grill Inserts)

Our built in firebox makes sure you never run out of heat in your parrilla grill. The wood and charcoal start burning in the brasero, eventually dropping down out of the box as glowing embers. Simply slide your embers under your grill plates leaving a few under the brasero to ignite your next batch. While your food is grilling,  you can add more charcoal or wood so you have new embers ready when everyone starts shouting for more!  
The Brasero was designed with a modular feature.  It can be detached and mounted on either side of your grill frame. Order the leg mounting option when ordering your grill and four legs will be provided for your brasero. With the legs attached, you can detach your brasero from the grill frame and place it wherever you want.

The Brasero frame is constructed of Stainless Steel.  The four Brasero plates are constructed of thick carbon steel painted in a high temperature black powder coated finish.