Supremo Model (Gaucho Sized) Free Standing Grill
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The Gaucho Grill is our standard size grill with a grilling area of 28” x 22”. Its design is inspired by the traditional Argentine “parrilla,” so the outdoor chef can raise and lower the grilling surface over the glowing embers. The Gaucho is perfect for the owner who is passionate about his grilling. Whether you're cooking for small or large gatherings, the family, or just yourself, the Gaucho will take your grilling to the next level.

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Grill Installations

Grill Specifications

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  • Robust Grill Frame Construction

  • Storage Cabinetry painted in the color of your choice

  • Full fire brick lining for extreme heat retention
    Choice of Red or Buff Color Bricks

  • Stainless Steel ‘V’ Groove Grilling Area

  • Heavy Duty Electric Rotisserie Kit Included

  • Right or Left Handed Temperature Control Crank Wheel (Choose Orientation at Checkout)

  • Gaucho Grills Brasero with Charcoal Shuttle System

  • Gaucho Grills Multi-Tool

  • 616 Square Inches of Grilling Space, 46” x 29” Footprint (Excluding Removable Handles)


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Cabinet Color Options

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