Gaucho Grills Supremo Model - Free Standing Grill
from 3,995.00

A full featured wood-fired grill.

  • Stainless Steel ‘V’ Groove Grilling Area

  • Heavy Duty Electric Rotisserie Kit Included

  • Gaucho Grills Brasero with Charcoal Shuttle

  • Gaucho Grills Multi-Tool Included

  • Stainless Steel Wind Guard

  • Storage Cabinetry painted in the color of your choice

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Grill features

The Gaucho Grills Supremo line is our full featured line of wood-fired grills. Fully loaded, each grill comes with everything a true grillmaster can want in a wood-fired parrilla. Available in three different sizes and your choice of cabinetry color, these built-to-order grills will offer you and your family years of outdoor cooking pleasure.

Cabinet Color Options

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Supremo Dimensions

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