Grill Mounting Options:

Each Gaucho Grills Insert can be mounted using the perimeter flange that runs around the sides and rear of the grill. Gaucho Grills also offers Leg Mounts to enable the grill to stand in the hearth area or Brackets to mount the grill with. After selecting the grill please visit our Options Page to add any mounting option you may need for your particular installation.

Gaucho Grills Wood-Fired Insert with brasero

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GRILL features and notes

Each grill comes with:

  • Robust Stainless Steel Grill Frame

  • Stainless Steel ‘V’ Groove Grilling Area

  • Right or Left Handed Temperature Control Crank Wheel (Choose Orientation at Checkout)

  • Gaucho Grills Brasero with Charcoal or Wood Shuttle Dispensing System

  • Drip Trays

  • Gaucho Grills Multi-Tool


For Enclosed Fireplace/Chimney-Top Installations: Please Visit our Options Page for the Crank Wheel Thru-Wall Extension Kit:
Most fireplace installations will need a Thru-Wall Extension Kit. This extension kit provides the ability to mount the Crank wheel to the outside of your fireplace wall. Gaucho Grills will supply a shaft extension and parts necessary to connect the grill frame to your crank wheel. Prior to grill shipment, you will need to provide Gaucho Grills your side wall thickness dimension.  (Instructions, hardware and components are included in kit.)

Mounting Options: