What a Dream!

Imagine this, it’s a cool Sunday evening. Your favorite football team is playing their rivals, the fireplace is on and the rotisserie is spinning on the grill. Now imagine that as your backyard! A dream right? Wrong, you can build your very own outdoor dream kitchen!

Gaucho grills can help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to your very own backyard! We ship all over the country and customize our grills to how you like. Check out all of our different features, and contact us today for your next cookout!


Next Stop, Louisiana!

Our grande sized Supremo in mid-assembly with a nice matte black finish. The only thing missing, is the fire brick! The assembly is coming together nicely and will be shipping out to Louisiana tomorrow. We ship all over the country, so make sure you contact us today to get your custom built Gaucho Grill!


Grillin' and Chillin'

This is what you call a perfect ending to a busy weekend! Two woodfired steaks, made to your liking, and a glass of whatever you can get your hands on. Our grills will definitely make your night a relaxing one. Make sure to check out our very different styles and ask about our custom grills, we aim to please! Contact us anytime to have all your questions answered and become one step closer to building your outdoor kitchen, whether it be on a balcony or pool side!


A Beautiful Addition!

A beautiful chimney-top installation with our Grande sized grill insert accompanied with a Brasero. The aftermarket grill top is a perfect addition to one of our grills, adding just the right touch to your backyard dreams.


Just in Time for your Fall Barbecue

Pictured below is our handcrafted Gauchito (small) sized insert with Brasero installed into an open counter-top setting. It has a nice addition of a gas igniter under the Brasero to easily fire up the wood or charcoal. This grill is the definition of perfection, and a perfect finishing touch to your backyard dreams! Check out how we can customize your grill to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life.


Free Standing Gaucho Size Supremo Model

Below is our Gaucho size (medium) Supremo model. It is a free standing grill that has been set up for the rotisserie mode. The grill plates are off in this picture, and the spit rod and motor is on. The Supremos come standard with the rotisserie and wind guard feature, as shown. Make sure to check out the other features offered on our site.


Gauchito Grill Insert with Brasero

Pictured below is our Gauchito (small) grill insert with Brasero. The left is before packaging and shipment, the right is after it has been installed. Perfect for smaller counter-top and fireplace/chimney-top installations. With a 22” x 14” grill area and an overall width of 38.5”, the insert is easy to install, simply sitting in your hearth, resting on its leg mounts.

Introducing: the Stainless Steel Shelf

We would like to introduce the new optional stainless steel shelf for our Basico models! Shown below in the grande size, this shelf allows for storage of grilling essentials without resting them directly on the ground, allowing you to keep all your grilling needs together in one place. This model has a 41” x 22” grill area, with full stainless steel construction and a full fire brick hearth.

It is a perfect addition to any outdoor dream kitchen. Other sizes available, feel free to ask about how we can customize for your outdoor space.


Labor Day Grilling and Custom Grills!

Here is a customized Gauchito (small) grill insert with a front facing crank wheel. The crank wheel is extended forward to come out of an enclosed fireplace installation. It is a perfect addition to any outdoor BBQ.

At Gaucho Grills, we come from a background of hard workers. This Labor Day weekend we’re celebrating all the hard workers around the world and hope that everyone had a great weekend full of grilling! Thank you all for your support.

Keep on grilling!


A Dream Come True

Here is a beautiful outdoor kitchen installation by Gateway Builders located in Maryland. We are pleased to have one of our grill inserts incorporated into this dream home construction. Your dream outdoor kitchen can come to life with one of our custom grills also! Contact us today to make your dream come true. Thank you Gateway Builders for allowing us to be a part of this marvelous creation.


Make it a Grande!

This awesome installation located in Brooklyn NY. A Grande insert with Brasero and custom hood assembly in a nice open top installation. Beautiful wood fire and all the asado favorites on the grill plates going on this one. Want to grill this way ? Give us a call or shoot us an email!


An Original Gaucho Grill

One of our very first installations, this Gaucho Grills insert was installed onto this nice outdoor grilling area complete with fire brick hearth and ample storage. It’s the perfect addition for your backyard BBQ, and guaranteed to last for years to come!


The very first Prototype

This is our demo base Parrilla set up with our grill insert. The grill insert inside this demo is our Grande size. It was our first prototype and is still going strong in its original design. This original piece was designed by the owner and designer of Gaucho Grills, Eduardo Pentz. He was able to take an American dream and make it your reality, right in your own backyard. His beautiful designs will keep your backyard BBQ going for years to come.

We had some requests to show our demo base Parrilla set up with our grill insert. So this one’s for you @a_j_s_r_m_k 
Grill insert inside is our Grande size. It was our first prototype and still going strong in @eduardopentz  original design. .
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The Amazing Supremo!

The Gaucho Grills Supremo model is equipped with a Brasero with shuttle plate, three V channel grill plates, a full fire brick hearth floor, stainless steel wind guards, drip trays and rotisserie mounts. (Also a motor, spit rod and forks, not shown but are included.) Shop this incredible grill today!


Featuring the Grande Básico with Brasero

20” of travel for the grill plates on this Grande Básico makes this perfect for anything you need to fit on the grill. Go from searing hot over your coals to resting and cooling in a matter of seconds. Our Grande Básico with Brasero features a massive 41” x 22” grill area , attached side Brasero, constructed in America from stainless steel, with full fire brick lining.

Grande Básico with Brasero. 
41” x 22” grill area 
Attached side Brasero 
Stainless steel and fire brick
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Summer Nights in Full Effect

Summer is finally here and no better way to spend it but with a nice cookout. This custom full rotisserie spit on the Gauchito sized grill will cook up a mouth-watering roast that will definitely please. This rotisserie will give your roast a slow-cooked, wood-fired taste, practically melting in your mouth. Don’t let your summer be dull! Spice up the meats and fire up your Gaucho Grill.

Our friend @blairvanacore making the most of his custom full rotisserie spit on his Gauchito sized grill base. A beautiful slow-cooked wood-fired roast never fails to please. .
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Burning Up!

Is the grill ready yet? ... Well it may be hot enough but we’ll wait for the lump charcoal to get to white ember status before dropping the steak on this one.

Is the grill ready yet? ... Well it may be hot enough but we’ll wait for the lump charcoal to get to white ember status before dropping the steak on this one. .
#grillthisway #gauchogrills #parrilla #argentinegrill #outdoorcooking #homechef #grill #grillmaster #outdoorliving #outdoorkitchen #woodfired #brasero #bbqgrill #fireitup

Just in Time for a July 4th Cookout

Our Grande Supremo getting packed up and then off to Texas she goes. 1000 lbs. of wood-fired grilling fun getting ready to load up on a truck..

Asparagus on the Grill!

Serious lump charcoal heat burning up in the brasero, while the asparagus finishes up. Lump crab meat and shrimp in herbed butter getting cooked up in the back. Perfect topper for the grilled salmon and ny strips that went on next.