What does the Brasero do?

The Brasero is a fire box attached to your grill. The brasero provides a separate area to light your charcoal and wood and allow it to be burned until they become the proper size embers and drop down to your hearth floor. The brasero acts like a chimney, allowing the air to come up and through the fire box, helping to stoke the flames to light your charcoal and wood. Once the charcoal or wood is burning properly, they will drop down out of the box and onto your hearth floor as white or glowing embers, perfect for Asado grilling. The embers can then be slid over to your grill area and more charcoal or wood can be added to the brasero while you continue to grill over your existing coals.

a. Do I need a Brasero?
A brasero is not necessary for grilling. It is a convenience feature that makes it easier to have extended grilling sessions when multiple rounds of hot coals are necessary. If space is a limitation, some clients opt to have a larger grill area and not use their real estate to house the Brasero.

b. How do I light my charcoal / wood without the Brasero?
To light your wood or charcoal without the use of a brasero, simply raise the grill plates of your grill and start your fire directly underneath your grill area.

What are your grills constructed from?

Free Standing Grills: The base frame and cabinetry of our Supremo Grills are constructed from carbon steel painted in a long-lasting high-temp powder coat finish. The Brasero plates are 1⁄4” thick carbon steel, painted in high temp powder coat black finish. The grill frame, grill carriage, V-groove grill plates, and hardware on the grill are constructed from stainless steel. The crank wheel is constructed from aluminum. The Basico frame is constructed from stainless steel.
Grill Inserts: The entire grill frame, grill carriage, V-groove grill plates, drip trays and hardware are constructed from stainless steel. The Brasero plates are 1⁄4” thick carbon steel, painted in high temp powder coat black finish. The crank wheel is constructed from aluminum.

Do you sell covers for your grill?

Free Standing Grills: We currently do not have grill covers available for sale, however we are in the process of obtaining them soon. Check our website periodically for updates on the covers. We have found that some after-market covers that can be purchased online and in big box stores fit our Free Standing grills.
Grill Inserts: We currently do not have grill covers available for sale, however we are in the process of obtaining them soon. Check our website periodically for updates on the covers. We have found that some after-market window unit air conditioning covers can slip over top of our inserts and be used as a protective covering.

Do I need a hood for my grill?

We do have a hood design in place for all our grills and inserts however they are considered a custom option. They are fabricated specifically to order and add several weeks to the delivery of the grill. Quotes for a hood can be obtained by contacting us here. For an accurate quote, please let us know what model and size grill you are interested in when inquiring about the hood option.

Does the Rotisserie spit rod move up and down like the grill plates?

The Rotisserie Spit Rod is mounted in a fixed position approximately halfway up the Grill Frame. The position of the rod offers approximately 12 inches of clearance space above and beneath the rod which is enough room to rotate even the largest cuts of meats.

How do the Grill Plates work?

Gaucho Grill ‘V’ Groove Grill Plates are constructed from stainless steel. Utilizing the traditional Argentine “V” pattern of grate, the “V” shape creates a channel that funnels your grilling juices into the supplied drip trays. This reduces flair ups and annoying hot spots created by dripping grease. For cleaning convenience, the 'V' groove grill plates easily breakdown and fit into standard dishwashers. Grill plates are also reversible allowing them to be placed into the grill carriage in reverse to create a flat grilling surface as opposed to the traditional pitched configuration.

What is the angle of the pitch the grill plates are set for?

The ‘V’ Groove grill plate is welded at a 4 degree angle. Enough to allow gravity to funnel your juices into the drip trays, but level enough to hold your meat uniformly over the coals. If you have trouble with runaway hotdogs, sausages, or asparagus, the grill plates can be reversed to provide you a flat surface with no pitch.

How do I clean the grill plates?

The Gaucho Grills grill area is composed of multiple ‘V’ groove grill plates. They are removable and will fit in most dishwashers and sinks for a thorough cleaning. Another very effective method to clean your grill area is to apply some water to the grill plates while they are still hot prior to cooking or right after. The water will generate a steaming action that when combined with a firm brushing motion with a steel wire brush, will remove most of the grilling grime and residue.

What is the overall size of your grill?

Overall sizes of the grill can be found on their individual sales pages.You can also request a PDF drawing that will provide you a dimensioned layout of any grill, simply by contacting us here. Please let us know what grill model and size you are interested in.

What is the grilling area of my grill?

The grilling area of any grill can be found on their individual sales pages. You can also request a PDF drawing that will provide you a dimensioned layout of any grill (including the grilling area), simply by contacting us here. Please let us know what model and size you are interested in.

Is there a gas option for your grill?

Gaucho Grills are designed in the traditional Argentinean Parrilla style. They are meant to be used with hardwoods and charcoal to create a distinctive flavor profile and cooking experience. We understand the convenience of using gas as a heat source for grilling but our grills were not designed for that option. Gaucho Grills were designed to serve as an elegant alternative to the many gas options that are already available in the grill market today.

Can you make a custom Argentinean grill?

Gaucho Grills come with a lot of customizing options that make the grill unique to each owner. From choosing the color of your base, to configuring a left or right handed orientation, from engraving a caption into your crank wheel to adding a rotisserie or hood, Gaucho Grills can make your parrilla grill distinctively yours. However if your project needs a truly custom application, let’s talk. Our designers can modify, tweak, add on, or create something new altogether. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work with you to make it a reality. For a fantastic example of our customizing options, check out our Custom Grills Section.

How do you construct a base for your Grilling Insert?

A determination has to be made as to the type of base installation you are looking to create. Gaucho Grilling Inserts work in both an enclosed installation such as a fireplace type setting or an open configuration such as a counter-top. We recommend the use of a fire brick in the base lining of any installation. For a fireplace, a properly constructed flue system is important for channeling smoke and heat. For a counter-top setting, clearances must be considered for heat dissipation and countertop materials should be able to withstand very high heat. A qualified and insured mason or landscape contractor will be your best source for construction a base for your grilling insert. Gaucho Grills does not supply or construct bases or offer installation services. We simply design and fabricate the grill insert for your outdoor cooking project.

a. Do you build the bases for your inserts?
Gaucho Grills only fabricates the grill insert.

b. Do you have instructions on how to build a base for your insert?
We do not provide instructions on how to build the base for your parrilla grill. Please consult a local contractor or mason experienced in fabricating outdoor kitchen bases and familiar with the local fire code and permits in your area. Some contractors and retailers with experience installing our grills can be found here.

Are the Inserts removable?

Depending on how you install your Gaucho Grills Insert, they have the capability to be removable. If the grill insert is installed using the bracket mounts, the grill can be uncoupled from the brackets and removed when needed. If the grill is installed using the leg mounts, it can be simply taken out of the opening when needed as the grill is standing on its own legs within your opening. This convenient mounting feature allows for your grill insert to be stored through the winter or inclement weather. It also allows for the removal of your grill to use your base installation as a fireplace or other outdoor entertainment feature.

What is a Thru-Wall Kit and do I need one for my Grill Insert installation?

Carvahalo Grill2-01.jpg

A thru-wall installation kit is required for every grill insert installation that is going into an enclosed fireplace type of setting. The Thru-Wall Kit allows the crank wheel, which is typically attached directly to the grill frame, to be detached and mounted to the outside of your fireplace wall. Gaucho Grills will supply an extended shaft and parts necessary to connect the grill frame to a crank wheel attached to the outside wall. Prior to grill shipment, the customer will need to provide Gaucho Grills with the side wall thickness dimension. Installation of this kit will require drilling a clearance hole through the side wall and mounting a ratchet release plate onto the side wall. (Instructions, hardware and components are included in the kit.)

A thru-wall extension kit is also available for rotisserie option in these types of installations. The rotisserie thru-wall extension allows for the rotisserie motor to be mounted to the outside of the wall and extends the shafting through the wall and connects to the spit rod within your fireplace.