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“The Tank”

Gaucho Sized Insert with Brasero and Leg Mounts

“The Tank”
This was a prototype model grill insert that led to our current revision models. (One in stock)

  • This grill insert is our Gaucho (Medium) size.
    It has a 28” x 22” grilling area.
    Full dimensions are provided in images above.

  • It is a Leg Mounted Grill.

  • It comes with the Updated Brasero and Multi-Tool.

  • Crank Wheel is from our previous model style. Machined “Gaucho” Aluminum disc wheel

  • Entire Grill frame is fabricated from stainless steel square tubing providing a beefier look and feel.

  • Material finish is industrial with a less polished look. (Red sign on grill frame will be removed.)

  • Limited Warranty

  • Contact below for inquiry and quote request.

LTL Freight not included and quoted separately.
Pricing is $605 less than current leg mounted Gaucho insert.

Price: $1625.00