Gaucho Grills Brasero™

More versatile than a typical wood holder or grate, more capable than a charcoal starter.

The Gaucho Grills Brasero is a heavy-duty firebox that provides an area to start burning your wood or charcoal.  Our patent pending Slatted Shuttle System allows our Brasero to easily hold and burn your favorite hard-wood split logs while also being able to transform into a solid container that can hold all sizes and shapes of lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes.  Simply burn the solid fuel of your choice in our versatile Brasero and use the Shuttle Dispensing System to drop your embers to your grill floor.  Need more problem, the Brasero was designed to provide you an area to continuously burn your fuel while not taking up any valuable grill space to burn more wood or charcoal.

Crank Wheel Temperature Control

The crank wheel is your temperature control.  A simple turn of the wheel raises and lowers your grilling surface over top your embers.  The ratchet release lever locks your wheel in place when not in use. To engage the wheel, simply raise the lever and crank up or down as needed. Right and left hand crank wheels are available to suit your needs. 


If you Need your Crank Wheel on the Outside of your Fireplace wall, we've got you covered with our FIREPLACE THRU-WALL EXTENSION


Fireplace Installation with Crank Wheel Thru-Wall Extension

When installing a grilling insert into an enclosed fireplace, it's important to have the temperature control crank wheel mounted on the outside of your hearth enclosure.  Gaucho Grills fireplace inserts can be delivered with the necessary tooling and hardware in place to mount your crank wheel on either side of your outside wall.  Just let us know the thickness of your side wall and we'll provide the extension shafting and everything you need to complete your installation. 

'V' Grate Grill Plates

Gaucho Grills ‘V’ Grate Grill Plates are modeled after the traditional style grill plates used in Argentina. Extremely durable, constructed 100% from stainless steel, these grill plates will channel your juices into the supplied drip trays, dramatically reducing flare ups and annoying hot spots created by dripping grease. Each grill plate is reversible allowing them to be placed into the grill in reverse to create a flat grilling surface in addition to the traditional pitched configuration.  For cleaning convenience, the grill plates easily break down into smaller plates that can fit into your sink or dishwasher.

Full Fire Brick Lining

Each Free-Standing Gaucho Grill (Basico & Supremo) comes fully lined with a layer of fire brick
covering the grill floor and side walls. The fire brick layer creates a superb base foundation that provides extreme heat concentration throughout your grilling area.