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An American built wood-fired grill with a Latin soul.

Our Grills & Accessories


Grilling Inserts

Stainless steel grill inserts perfect for outdoor kitchen counter-tops or inserting into outdoor fireplace/chimney-top installations.


Basico Free-Standing Grills

Simple and elegant Santa-Maria style, natural wood and charcoal burning grills.

Gaucho Grills Supremo Model

Supremo Free-Standing Grills

Our full featured, robust, ember making, grilling machine with everything needed for your backyard asado.



Our favorite accessories for your backyard asado. The Gaucho Grills Multi-Tool, shovels, salt blocks, and more.

Our Story

Eduardo has always grilled on a parrilla. From his oldest memories growing up in Argentina, to grilling in the snow in his backyard once he moved to America. He brought this passion to his family and his friends, and once they saw the grill he built, they wanted one too. So a business was born, combining Latin flair and American precision craftsmanship.

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A Gaucho Grill is a harmonious blend of Latin tradition and American precision craftsmanship

Our grills are modeled after traditional Argentinean grills, utilizing a timeless design, proven throughout centuries. With elegant simplicity in design, each grill is built to exacting specifications, creating a robust grilling environment that will allow you to grill, relax, and enjoy wood-fired meals with family and friends for years to come.

grill this way

Slow it down. Start your fire, enjoy the flames, feel the heat. Grab a drink, invite your friends, call out the family and relax knowing that your grill can handle it all. Meats, chicken and fish... that's what this grill was design for. Veggies, sides, appetizers… see what wood-fired embers can do for all your favorites.


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Our Mission

We believe that cooking with your grill should be more than just preparing a meal; it should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish, for all those passionate about their food, how it’s prepared, and who they share it with.