Beef Ribs Recipe – Tira de Asado

Ribs are a staple of the barbecue menu, no matter the hemisphere in which you find yourself dining.

But the way we prepare ribs in the U.S. and the way they’re made in a country like Argentina are two very different things.

When we make ribs here in America, we tend to cook them using a slow roast and a lot of basting.

Traditional Tira de Asado Recipe

Argentinian beef ribs – or tira de asado – are prepared differently, with the ribs sliced across the bone so that each piece has meat on both sides.

This way, the ribs cook quickly without becoming too chewy. You’ll see this cut referred to as “flanken-style” in some supermarkets. It’s also the kind of rib you’d find at a Korean BBQ joint.

For true Argentinian style flanken ribs, you’d need to season the meat simply – just a bit of salt – before putting them on the parrilla grill. You may want to cook them over some hardwood for an added smoky flavor.

The ribs will cook in 10-12 minutes, which is great for days when you want to cook and eat outdoors, but don’t have a lot of time to stand over your parrilla grill. They pair especially well with chimichurri sauce.

Tira de asado works as an appetizer – you can serve it while you grill other meats that take longer to cook – or as an entrée when served with sides like rice, veggies or grilled plantains.

Here’s a recipe you can use the next time you fire up your grill:


1 ½ to 2 lbs of flaken-style ribs

1-2 tablespoons of kosher salt

1 bottle of chimichurri sauce


Begin by putting the ribs on a plate and seasoning both sides with kosher salt. Let the ribs sit at room temperature while the grill warms up.
Heat the grill to medium high, and grill the ribs for 5-6 minutes on each side. Cut a rib to test that they’re done.
Serve right off the grill, with chimichurri on the side.
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