Just in Time for your Fall Barbecue

Pictured below is our handcrafted Gauchito (small) sized insert with Brasero installed into an open counter-top setting. It has a nice addition of a gas igniter under the Brasero to easily fire up the wood or charcoal. This grill is the definition of perfection, and a perfect finishing touch to your backyard dreams! Check out how we can customize your grill to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life.


Gauchito Grill Insert with Brasero

Pictured below is our Gauchito (small) grill insert with Brasero. The left is before packaging and shipment, the right is after it has been installed. Perfect for smaller counter-top and fireplace/chimney-top installations. With a 22” x 14” grill area and an overall width of 38.5”, the insert is easy to install, simply sitting in your hearth, resting on its leg mounts.