What a Dream!

Imagine this, it’s a cool Sunday evening. Your favorite football team is playing their rivals, the fireplace is on and the rotisserie is spinning on the grill. Now imagine that as your backyard! A dream right? Wrong, you can build your very own outdoor dream kitchen!

Gaucho grills can help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to your very own backyard! We ship all over the country and customize our grills to how you like. Check out all of our different features, and contact us today for your next cookout!


Summer Nights in Full Effect

Summer is finally here and no better way to spend it but with a nice cookout. This custom full rotisserie spit on the Gauchito sized grill will cook up a mouth-watering roast that will definitely please. This rotisserie will give your roast a slow-cooked, wood-fired taste, practically melting in your mouth. Don’t let your summer be dull! Spice up the meats and fire up your Gaucho Grill.

Our friend @blairvanacore making the most of his custom full rotisserie spit on his Gauchito sized grill base. A beautiful slow-cooked wood-fired roast never fails to please. .
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Rotisserie Chicken on the Grill

Using the #rotisserie option on a Gaucho Grills insert. Simply remove your grill plates and insert your spit rod and you’re good to go. #woodfired rotisserie chicken for dinner will keep everyone happy. 

rotisserie chicken.jpg