The Inspiration Behind Gaucho Grills

What do machine design, precision machining, outdoor grilling, and love of all types of food have in common? They are all the passions of one entrepreneur, who decided to encapsulate all his interests into a new business.


Gaucho Grills is the culmination of the hobbies, interests and experiences of Edward Pentz, an Argentinean born mechanical engineer, who immigrated to the United States 47 years ago and started his own precision CNC machining business. Founded in 1986, Ed’s company, EMP Industries Inc., has been providing machine design and prototype services, CNC machining, fabrication, and assembly services to the semiconductor, electronics, medical, and consumer products industry for over 27 years.

While EMP grew in industrial circles, Ed’s passion for cooking, in particular, his childhood memories of family gathering to enjoy the Argentine asado style of grilling and cooking, was always in the back of his mind. With Ed’s machine design experience, and a full production machine shop at his disposal, he began to prototype out what would eventually become the standard Gaucho Grill used in parrilla style grilling.

“Initially I tackled this project just for myself. I wanted to recreate the same grilling style we used as a family back in Buenos Aires.” Ed recalls. “I wanted to create a grill that would allow me to cook for family and friends, but that would encompass the natural elements that were missing in the traditional gas grills found in most people’s back yards. I wanted the grilling experience to be natural, social, and ultimately tastier. That was the grill I remembered from my youth and what I wanted to take to the next level here in our shop.”

In time, and quite a few revisions and modifications, Ed was known as having the best grill on the block. Once his concept was proven and well received, the natural thought was why not create this for the public? And thus Gaucho Grills was born.


Gaucho Grills, now available through the internet at, has been created to offer all passionate grill masters and those that desire the best in outdoor cooking an opportunity to grill with Latin flavor and function. All Gaucho Grills and Gaucho Inserts (grill bases designed for customer built counter tops and fireplaces) feature Argentine parrilla style grilling, with a robust construction that will outlast any other grill on the market.

Argentine passion, coupled with American craftsmanship. A true Latin parrilla style grilling system is being custom built here in the United States.