Tips for Grilling with a Pink Himalayan Salt Block


It’s been called “the purest salt found on earth.”

Pink Himalayan salt is mined from sea salt deposits from deep below the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. These deposits were formed while the dinosaurs were still alive, and rested far enough below ground that they were safe from pollutants and impurities.

So what does all that mean for grilling? It means that a Pink Himalayan salt block will give you a unique cooking experience.

When brought up to temperature on your stove or parrilla style grill, the salt blocks function like cast iron skillet. They can withstand incredible heat for dozens of cooks, and will give your food a naturally salty flavor. Here are a few tips for using your Pink Himalayan salt block.

Heat carefully
Although these blocks can withstand a lot of heat, you need to use caution. Start by warming the salt block on the lowest heat setting for at least 15 minutes, until the block has warmed to around 200 degrees. Then increase the heat every 10 minutes. It will take at least 35 minutes for the block to heat.

Make sure it’s ready by sprinkling a few drops of water on the block. If they start to sizzle right away, you’re ready to cook. If you try cooking before the block is ready, you’ll over-salt your food and cause the block to break down much faster.

Cooking and seasoning
You’re cooking atop a large slab of salt, so you really won’t need to salt your food. The moister the food, the more salt it will absorb, so be sure to pat vegetables dry before cooking. Use some oil to prevent your food from sticking. Make sure oil doesn’t run off the sides of the block and onto your burner. Salt blocks stay hot long after they’ve left the heat source, so food will continue to cook if left on the slab.

What can I do beyond cooking?
Your salt block can double as a serving tray. Warm it up to serve hot foods, or put it in the refrigerator for about an hour to serve cold foods, or even to keep foods cold. Try it with sushi, fruit, cheeses, or ice cream. And when the salt block gets too small to cook with, you can still get some use out of it. Get out your grater and shave off some salt to help season a dish.

Cleaning and care
Salt blocks get very, very hot and can retain heat for hours, which means you’ll need to let them cool completely before cleaning them. You won’t need soap. Himalayan salt is naturally antimicrobial.  Don’t run the block under water or immerse it in water. Just use a damp sponge. You’ll notice the block get thinner over time and change color. Both of those things are to be expected. When you’ve finished cleaning, dry the block and store it somewhere where it won’t be exposed to humidity.

If this sounds appetizing to you, contact Gaucho Grills. Our Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks will be an excellent addition to your kitchen or backyard grill.