Love Guac? Cook It On Your Argentine Grill!

Have you ever said, “Please add the guacamole.  Yes I know it will cost extra.”  Well if you’re willing to pay more for a guacamole topping, or you like to order your guacamole done fresh and tableside at your favorite restaurant, then you’re probably going to want to try this next time you’ve got the Argentine grill fired up and you’re feeling adventurous.  Grilled Guacamole.

Everyone knows grilling vegetables, including peppers and onions, releases the oils in the food and gives it that extra rich roasted flavor.  Well apparently the same goes for Avocados.  For a culinary twist on everyone’s favorite green dip, try grilling your ingredients and giving them a char prior to blending them into your guac.  Check out this video and give it a try.  Let us know what you think.